Pest Control

Our business aims to provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for all our clients and their properties. This is achieved by conducting an initial FREE survey to a customer's property and reviewing their pest problems. Having assessed the property, we will make a suitable program to help control or prevent pest infestations.

As a professional pest control company, we work hard to control pests and the diseases they may spread. Pest control department is pleased to introduce its services to control difficult pest infestations and keep these serious diseases in check. Our professional engineers and technicians using safe, effective and permissible pesticides for following fields can control crawling and flying insects, rodents and other reptile pests in the following:

  • Farms and agricultural material stores.
  • Hotels, restaurants and caf├ęs sections.
  • Hospitals and clinics sterilization.
  • Oil companies and their fields.
  • Commercial materials stores.
  • Factories and production halls.
  • Administration offices.
  • Air and seaports.